About Glen

This is the website of Glen Ford: CTO, Manager, Architect and Developer

A bit about me

I am a highly experienced technical leader with a strong desire to build world class engineering divisions to solve challenging business problems. I enjoy working in growing dynamic environments and am able to work autonomously or as a part of close collaborative groups in order to meet ambitious goals.

I am a strong believer in learning organisations, architectural evolution and the continuous delivery of value. Through continuous improvement both great teams and products are created.


I am a believer in the agile mindset and the ideas behind Systems Thinking and Continuous improvement. Whilst at BBC R&D I organised an Agile Day to bring together various speakers. In March 2013 I had the pleasure of speaking at QCon London on People over Process.


Recently I have become a proponent of graph databases in particular neo4j. The power of representing a domain in a graph is incredible. I recently spoke about experiences at zeebox with neo4j.


I have had a strong interest in REST for several years and have used it at varying maturity levels. In recent years I had the privedge in having had some small involvement with Rest in Practice


I have been using Scala since late 2008, in 2010 I did a lightning talk on Fostering Scala adoption in your Enterprise. More recently in October 2013 I did a talk at the London Scala group about our experience at zeebox in using Scala in production for two years.


I stumbled across Akka in 2009 whilst looking for concurrency libraries for Scala, it is still my framework of choice. I gave an impromptu talk at the Scala-LiftOff in 2010 about my experience in using Akka for a prototype project.